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fire works

last year I was on the main stage of the Hot Dub Time Machine for Hogmanay celebration, in Edinburgh.

I had no idea how popular this event was until I got there…

thousands of young old beautiful ugly sober drunk faces dancing,

yelling, talking, jumping in front of my camera saying things with accents i would not understand

i was trying to quit smoking that night.

in front of all those people as my witnesses.

even if they had no clue who I am

and what i was doing up on that stage.

somehow it helped thinking it like that.

i did not smoke that night.

woke up the next day and felt uneasy with myself

without last night’s usual nicotine dosage.

at least I am not hangover I said to myself

and lit a cigarette.

this year’s New year eve i witnessed the locals orchestrating

a beautiful lighting concerto with fire and fireworks.

each house has their own fire work supplies

and all together as one put on the most amazing show I have ever seen.

lighting up the mountains

blue, green, pink

I watched from the top of a mountain

looking carefully what each house was using

in terms of colors shapes frequency

and how it all worked for the same purpose

in a communal effort of making this day as special as it can be.

i watched while having a very enjoyable smoke

and a quiet moment with my friend Jamie.

Happy 2016!

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