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northern lights

the first time i saw the northern lights

is the moment ll remember the most.

how it felt.

that feeling of a new experience

seeing something for the first time in your life

It made me think that i would rather have not seen any northern lights photos

so that I could take it all in as powerful and dramatic as I can the first time i see them

it is a full body and mind experience i cannot really share and

probably shouldn’t try either-

so that everyone can experience it on their own.

experiences like this are what shapes us. inside.

they leave their marks in us

and later on

those memories of emotions, senses and thoughts

shape our psychology, our behaviour to the people around us

our relationships and eventually lead us to the next place

what we do next, how we do it… is not a matter of over-analysis

over analyzing kills the experience of trying to

hear the voice you have made of your soul.

be free

do what you want right there and then!

there is no better time than now!

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