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the angle that defines a film style

Similarly our point of view on things that defines our characters.

In the world of film makers you often hear about the lenses and the cameras and not so much about the inernal proccess of the cinematographers. Of course lenses and cameras define the perspective, color palette and many other creative decisions that need to be made. However the angle we choose- that single point of view we're putting our audience to- is what is sometimes pre-suggested from the rules we're taught on film making.

And the lack of feeling in many shots is not because of the colour or the lens

but from the angle we've placed the camera to catch an action, a landscape, a face, a look.

And that is why sometimes looking through other people's photos or even old archive photos that we may not even remember who was the photographer of them- people who are not specialists in cameras- are actually taking better photos than a professional photographer would.

The photo that is taken by our mother when we where 6 is better than the portrait of a 6 year old I might do as a trained photographer because it would lack that feeling, that connection the child is making with its mother. So putting myself into a mothers perspective requires a deep understanding of the emotions a mother feels for her child and that is just one random example of how complex the art of cinematography actually is as a proccess.

There are thousand more examples and circumstances like that.

And they all start with the angle we choose and our connection to the subject.

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