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sometimes we don't realize our freedom

there are always little reminders throughout our day

a song

a look from a stranger

the summer breeze blowing your hair

a cancelled meeting in the city center

a day without a clock because we forgot to charge the i phone

the point is who decided to have all these things in their everyday life

is the one whose freedom is not realized to its full potential

very often i am one of those people.

travelling has become my new addiction.

and it is not about just the destination anymore

It is about the journey

it is about the different positions the sun takes in every other place i go

the variety in the taste of my morning coffees

Is it escapism, i often wonder

it might

it doesn't feel wrong

it feels the right thing to do - my world expands

my heart grows bigger and my imagination gets richer with the new scenery and new faces.

I don't overthink, in fact i don't look for the answer in rationalizing

and going into the depth of everything anymore

taking a decision is to narrow down my options into two and flip the coin

last time i did that i almost fell in love so it cant be a bad way to treat my life.

The second time after that, the coin sent me to the Scottish sea for a night swim.

What's it going to be the third one?

Live easy and don't forget to live freely

Peace and Love,Al

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