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movies for the perfectly sharp, digital and automated human

the perfection and sharpness of a digital automatic lens-

for the perfectly sharp, digital and automated human

we, SOMETIMES, are stuck in the definitions.

we, MIGHT, forget about the undefined or the unspeakable-

the free form of a scene and its content

but if we think about it, REALLY, can’t a gesture of a hand,

a crossing of the legs be a portrait of someone?

it makes me wonder

can the sharpness or the


medium portrait framing

bring death to this romanticized

viewpoint my eyes see?

killing the soul of letting the moment to be felt

because of the “standard” coverage.

life was not meant to be captured in a straight forward way,

we can’t comprehend it in a straight forward way


yes a portrait can be sharp with infinite colors, contrasts or be perfectly exposed but do we then forget that these are just some tools and not the point? tools to translate the character of the photo. a character that is neither right or wrong, so how can exposure, focus, color and tones be?

have we lost the meaning of the photographic medium

- especially in the cinema-

by trying to take the most striking perfect photo

or is there no audience for that anymore?

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