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a death at a start of a friendship

Today seems like a regular day in the office. Contracts are getting signed.

People are talking, typing words, answering phones.

Outside cars are honking, constructions are expanding.

And me, I keep staring at the figure in the photo.

A dancing flame competing with the city towers. A ghost.

But to me she seemed familiar.

Today more than ever.

I felt her energy since the first moment we met, an energy I recognized to be close to my own. She was smiling but had sad eyes. The kind of eyes thirsty for an adventure that has not happened yet.

Such a familiar air to her in such a strange place for me.

Sometimes there are people who appear in our lives to help us look into the unknown. Their influence can be powerful enough to bridge our subconscious with our conscious thought and help us get the defining answers to our (until that point) vague existential questions.

A state so absolute and irreversible, a death at a starts of a friendship.

A moment in time when you automatically revise all your priorities and needs.

A moment I will remember for the rest of my life.

Tomorrow will be a regular day in the office, not necessarily so.

No matter how it appears.

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