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We all look at this time as an obligatory thing, as if our lives were so much more important before the pandemic. But really what is it we contributed to the world that we stopped giving now? THIS ISN'T MEANT TO BE SOME CHAOS THEORY. That is really just a question to one's self.

Aren't the same things we tried to avoid before still the same ones now? Aren't the same people we miss the same ones? What we did for that then? What are we doing now? Isn't our lives at work same as always without us trying to make it better? This is a time in which we can observe and find out that so many of the issues we used to have are just issues we, as personalities, always had and most likely we will always have.

This isn't a chaos theory.

This is just an invitation to look at our soul's abyss -as they like to call it- and still feel alive and worthy of that. Have we done this yet? YES/ NO, there cannot be a definite answer for such questions. When there will be a definite answer that will also be the end and it will not matter then anyway.

Let's all look at what values are those that count, in our lockdown lives, what is it that really mattered in your day? Find that out and just enjoy it. Learn how to enjoy it for yourself and with yourself. Not for anyone else. No one is watching, and if they did they wouldn't care, because they also have got to find a way to live with themselves, and if they are looking outside of that they are wasting their time here.

THIS IS NOT A CHAOS THEORY. It's just a reminder that even if we like to say "they locked us down" we can still stay up, and alive and strong! All the answers were and will remain within the lockdown self and the one after that. Do the work that matters. For you and to you!!!


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